Sunday, June 10, 2007

Natural Headaches

Lovely sunny Sunday. Too hot and muggy to work though. So, lie down in the sun instead for a zzzz. And then the blackbirds start up again. Its hard to believe that one of birdworld's finest songsters can create such a monotonous 'tinny' racket for hours on end. Problem is that a tawny owl has taken up residence in the building opposite the house, close to where the blackbirds have their nest. Tawnys are definitely not welcome, and the blackbirds are trying to drive it away. As any housing manager will tell you, when neighbours fall out, you have disturbance.

And we were disturbed earlier in the week by one hell of a jackdaw fight outside the bedroom window at around six in the morning. I've never heard anything like it. Don't know what it was about - but their was one very dead jackdaw on the ground next morning. This was probably a family fight.

But none of this compares with the angst being caused by two red deer which have taken to visiting the garden in the early morning (I think). I've only seen them once. I read about two deer hunters during the week, who were fined big money for hunting deer with dogs. I accept that the law must be upheld - but as I walk amongst my chewed off bamboo shoots, my instinct was on the side of the hunters. You would not believe the damage these destructive 'bambis' cause. I've been getting up at 5.00am and putting a radio on at full volume in the part of the garden that is being attacked. It seems to be working at the moment. I just hope they don't get to like some early morning programme and invite all of their mates along to listen. A bamboo shoots party - with music!

And the reason I garden is to relax!!

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