Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alun Shurmer joins the Beeb

Not so much gossip as old news - but I didn't know that Plaid's media wonderman, Alun Shurmer is disappearing into the all-embracing bowels of the BBC. Alun came to Cardiff with a big reputation, credited with doing all the research that enabled Adam Price to run all those amazing stories about Mittal Steel. BBC Wales is a great sponge for all the journalistic talent in Wales. Not sure that I approve of such dominance - but you can't blame the Beeb if there is no great opposition. Plaid will miss him.


Daran said...

Alun's contribution to Plaid has been recognised across the political spectrum.

He would have made a formidable chief spin doctor if the rainbow comes out from beyond the clouds.

Now he's off to the BBC, perhaps you might consider the spin-meister role yourself? ;) After all, you are the intellectual godfather of the rainbow movement and your media skills are very apparent.

But alas you have your heart elsewhere.

Glyn Davies said...

daran - I think Richard Hazlewood would do a great job for a Rainbow Government. And my heart is in Wales (and specifically Montgomeryshire) even if I'm looking to move my office to Westminster.