Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Royal Day Out

The 21 gun salute would have put the wind up the rabbits that are causing havoc in our garden, thought I, as all of us stood to attention. The Queen looked absolutely stunning in turquoise. And Prince Phillip looked incredibly fit and showed great interest in all the mayoral chains that were on display

Today, I have been at the Official Royal Opening of the Third Assembly. It's been a very important day for Wales. Hopefully, a new dawn has broken over our nation. Tomorrow, an Assembly Government will unveil its legislative programme. I would love to have been a part of the procession. But I felt emotionally charged up (in an Owain Glyndwr sort of way) just looking down on proceedings from the Oriel - courtesy of the BBC who were employing me for the day.

The Queen spoke as clearly and eloquently as usual. And Rhodri Morgan was his usual self on such occasions - very good. But Her Majesty must have wondered what he was on about when he started talking about 'moments of turbulence' to come. She only appointed him as her First Minister last week.

After Rhodri's speech everyone is asking how long the Labour 'plane' will fly for, before it hits turbulance. One thing's for sure. Rhodri is not going to make the 'No Confidence' vote easy. Watching 'The Duchess on yesterday's Politics Show was a revelation. She was oozing 'consensualism' from every pore - sweet reasonableness personified. She was obviously under instruction to be nice to everyone - especially Plaid Cymru.

The hats were magnificent. The wearers of the hats were so elegant. Manon was there sporting a little white number with three feathers. Claire Clancy was just super elegant under a gorgeous grey hat with a flower our rabbits would die for. Carmilla, looking fully recovered and stunning, wearing a lovely matching fawn hat with just one feather. And the Qheen was a shining star with her turquoise hat dressed with a delicately pink rose/paeony type of flower. I was captivated.

Just outside the Sennedd there was a fairground with a merry-go-round with 60 little horses going round and round, and up and down - providing lots of entertainment for the little ones who had gathered to watch. The National Assembly gets back to work tomorrow.


Christopher Glamorgan said...

'I will be doing my level best in piloting the aircraft that is Wales, knowing the best aircraft in the world all have wings made in North Wales, to get us safely to the destination we all want to see of a Wales that is thriving, healthy, sustainable, skilled and equipped for the new century'.

That was a very bad move of Rhodders to mention about wings coming from North Wales. Wasn't sure if he was talking about Carl Sargeant or Ieuan Wyn Jones - we'll soon find out in the coming months.

P.S. Liked your casual statesman-like pose with Betsan :-D

Patriot said...

I think you will find Miss Davidson needs no direction on saying what she has always believed ie it is the moral responsibility of all progressive politicians to work together to keep the 'right' out of office in Wales. Seems in Plaid and the Lib Dems case it is increasingly diffcult to tell 'good and bad guys' apart but gender (sadly) seems to be a guide.........

Looks as though the females have more 'b****' than the males to quote a famous Tory farmer

oscar said...

About time they got on and did some work,long overdue.
I think the whole arsembly suffers from the publics apathy towards it.
National politics is going the same way.
The general public no longer trust or care I am sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Interesting meeting yesterday with 12 individuals who are all employed in the public sector. I asked them who was the new minister of education,culture,language and sport. Not one of them knew or cared for that matter. Two thought it was Carwyn Davies and another thought it was Carwyn James. This porbably reflects the fatc that thye are rugby fans! The simple fact is tha most people in Wales couldn't care less about the assembly. It would be interesting to see the viewing figures for the programme you were on. Last night most people not watching digital were probably waiting for the rest of the Bond movie rather than watching the political class say nothing again.

Anonymous said...

those 60 horses going around and around outside seem to be more fun than the 60 donkeys inside going up and down, forward and backwards but always ending up in the same place, it wouldn't been so bad but this attraction was bloody expensive. Ho hum better get back to work and clear up some donkey sh*t.

Mathew Rees said...

Thought this was a political blog....not about what the women were wearing???

Glyn Davies said...

christopher - I've been working hard on my 'casual statemanslike pose'. Pleased it worked.

patriot - I don't think it is that easy to identify what is 'left' or 'right' or 'progressive' in Welsh politics today. Anyone reading the Rainbow prospectus would describe the Tories as progressive.

oscar - its up to the politicians to put this right.

Anon - I've spent parts of my life in business, in fairly serious sport, in council work and in quangos. There is just as much donkey s*** to be cleaned up in every field as there is in Assembly politics. Its human nature as much as its a donkey's.

Glyn Davies said...

Mathew - yesterday's politics was about pomp and ceremoney. The hats had as important a place as they do at Ascot. No-one would object to talk of hats in the Racing Post. And I've been told that the Queen was in 'baby blue' rather than turquoise, that I really should have mentioned Eleneor Burnham's hat and that there was a Lesley George dress on display.

dowlais twp said...

at least some serious business took place today!

Rhodri trying to appease evrybody and no one all at once.
pause in hospital reconfiguration -just fell off the chair laughing, would go to a&E but its probably closed.
Went to a meeting last week where I was supposed to be able to shape the health service - not a hope its all been done and duted and a farce of a public consultation will happen in the autumn and then the changes will really start.
far too much time and money has been spent by civil servants (all ill informed) and health service managers for nothing to happen

Glyn Davies said...

dowlais twp - I worry about where we are going with reform of the NHS. Now that Labour has capitulated (because they were forced to) the opposition parties have to be totally resposible about what should happen.

Frankly I don't know what should happen, but it will not be good for Wales if no decisions at all can be taken.