Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big Guns join 'Gang of Four'

I once remember going for a p** when Man Utd were losing a European Final with just seconds to go. When I returned, Man Utd had won the Cup. At present, Welsh politics is a bit like that.

There I was, wondering when the Rainbow Government was going to take over - when out of the blue, along comes Dragon's Eye tonight. There was Edwina Hart, the new Health Minister and Adam Price, Plaid Cymru's 'policy guru' talking about beginning an affair - with marraige in mind. Poor old Ieuan Wyn Jones must be spitting nails. And King over the Mountain, Dafydd Wigley must be tearing his hair out. And imagine the smug grins on the faces of Helen Mary Jones' 'Gang of Four'. Doesn't bear thinking about.

This change of mood is serious. Adam Price had been saying much the same to Tomos Livingstone of the Western Mail yesterday. He means it. And Edwina Hart giving interviews to Dragon's Eye! Whatever next. In desperation, expect to see one of Ieuan's stormtroopers, probably Dai Lloyd being despatched around the studios tomorrow to savage Labour and salvage Ieuan's dissappearing dream of an audience with the Queen. No, Adam wasn't saying that at all. Well actually, Yes he was.


Anonymous said...

Edwina was very cogent and robust as usual.
She actually inspired confidence and spoke a lot of common sense.
For one who has hidden from the media she also handled Rhun very well
Labour and Plaid lets see, just like labour you have old Plaid and New Plaid .The conservative North may have a few gems to drop in yet.
Also the Papa Bear –Rhodders – has said nothing palpable, but that’s par for his course.

Glyn Davies said...

I agree that Edwina is a class act. The reason I think that she is serious about this is that this is perhaps the first interview she has given to the BBC

Clear Red Water said...

Edwina got it spot on. Welsh Labour need to really decide what the strategy is in the short, medium and long term. Personally i think that there is too much political purity getting in the way of pragmatic measures that will steady the ship. The medium and long term measures may be different, but in the short term it is deal with Plaid or let the Rainbow happen. Both are fraught with danger for Labour, but one has to be made.

Anonymous said...

wdroomcIf you don't mind me saying so, I think you are missing the point here Glyn. Adam has very cleverly and deliberately boxed the four (actually five - Jill Evans is a key player) into a corner by stating the choice as either the Rainbow or a grand coalition with Labour. That means no NZ type deals or the embrace of permanent opposition (as championed by Plaid's MEP). By posing the alternatives in this way, he's forcing them off the fence. Would the four really prefer to prop Rhodri up for half of bugger all rather than govern? Well even if they would, and I actually don't think that is the case for at least 3 of them (Leanne is more difficult to read), they could never sell that to their party.

And then there's Rhodri and his not so merry men and women to consider. Do you really believe that there are ANY circumstances in which they would sanction a grand coalition with the dreaded 'Nats'? Think of the humiliation! And recall also that Edwina, bless her soul, is one of the least sectarian people in her party. Given how Labour have made a complete pig's ear of every single aspect of the post-election manouverings, I don't think you need to worry too much about them getting a grip now!

No, I suggest you put a bottle of something bubbly in the fridge and wait. Adam's very cleverly timed intervention means that the clock is now running down. Sure there will be a few more twists and turns before we get there, but you'll see a rainbow over your neck of the woods soon enough!!

Iechyd da!

Jon Bright said...

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for an enjoyable and intelligent blog on Welsh politics. Wanted to invite you to check out our site: Our Kingdom where we are covering the progress of the rainbow, as well as other bits of British politics. Your input would be most welcome!


Jon Bright

Glyn Davies said...

anon and clear red water - I agree that Adam is emphasising the choice, and I agree that if Labour ignores him the Gang of Four will have nowhere to go. But I think the Labour Cabinet has decided to give a lot of ground. Edwina was speaking on behalf of the Cabinet in my opinion. The only resignation in the wake of a Plaid/Labour Coalition will be serial resigner, Deputy Minister Huw Lewis. Labour knows they could be out of power for at least 8 years. I still think the Rainbow is favourite.

jon - I will do that.

Anonymous said...

"spitting nails" made me giggle.
HERE's something from your future rival to make you laugh.