Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quango Accountability

I posted yesterday on the departure of Andy Williams, Chief Executive of Powys Local Health Board from his post with, in reality, immediate effect. For all we know he could have been sacked, because all the press release said is that he is 'leaving his post'. I'm told that the Press Office of the Board is insisting that there will be no further statement. If this is true, it is outrageous - and the media should be creating a serious rumpus.

The Health Board is a public body which should be accountable to the public. It should be accountable to the taxpayer as well, whose money the Board allocates. When the 'Boss' suddenly disappears through the door, as Andy Williams has just done, the Chair, Chris Mann or the Minister, Edwina Hart should be prepared to tell us why. Has our media really reached the level where its willing to let this body get away with this sort of contemptuous behavior. Surely Hutton didn't do that much damage!!


dowlais twp said...

Stick to your guns and keep digging, the truth will out.

Not sure if the Welsh press is that investigative.

Probably get more info from your GP or Practice Manager on whats going on in the LHB

Glyn Davies said...

Probably right. Its a tragedy. There is no freedom without a free and confident press