Thursday, June 28, 2007

Save Llanidloes Hospital

Over the last few months, I have supported the local campaign to keep the Community Hospital at Llanidloes open. The Local Health Board has said that they want to close it down. I hope that the new One Wales document which underpins the Plaid/Labour agreement in the National Assembly will presage a reprieve. Because we who live at Cil Farm, Berriew now have an additional very special little reason for wanting to defend the Hospital.

Yes, we are expecting our first grandchild in October - and we are hoping that it (we know but I don't know whether I am permitted to say) will be born at the Llanidloes Hospital. I am going to be a 'taid'. Mrs D has gone broody and has started knitting. I am dreading hearing some tentative reference to vasectomy reversal.

Anyway, our happy news is that our eldest son, Edward and his wonderfully understanding wife, Karen are expecting. "We're having visitors" as Miss Broxton used to say. So don't let those faceless bureaucrats even think about closing any of our hospitals - especially the one at Llanidloes.


dowlais twp said...

If the report on about services in Gwent is true, then there is little for the rest of us.

Keep a supply of towels and hot water on hand nearer the day you and Mrs D could be acting as midwives.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Glyn. However, as we discussed in my blog, I think Montgomeryshire needs a new 'super hospital' that can take healthcare further. When I refer to this I mean a modern facility where certain operations and consultations can take place without the need for anyone in Montgomeryshire to travel to Shrewsbury, Telford or Aberystwyth.
This is possible.
I agree that we need community hospitals but we also need improved medical and consultative provision.
Oh, and congratulations on the news. Can we expect a regular flow of 'mini-me' blog updates?

Glyn Davies said...

I will try not to allow the 'bundle of joy' to intrude into this blog too often.

I think there is room to establish an 'Assessment and Treatment Centre' in Mointgomeryshire - but such a facility can never be anything like an A and E department.