Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just not big enough

As the increasingly ridiculous musical chairs in Cardiff Bay wends its way to a conclusion which an increasing number of Welsh people are losing interest in, my life outside the National Assembly is beginning to take shape. This afternoon, I met a strange man who asked me to consider writing my autobiography. I think he was serious. I promise you that I am not making this up. 60,000 words of blogspeak - and they're willing to pay me for doing it. Tempting. But I will have to think this one through. So many things that would best be left to die with me.

And then I picked up my invitation to meet the Executive Committee of the Montgomeryshire Conservative Association next Tuesday to discuss my application to be their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election. And hopefully, I will win a further invitation to present myself to two 'Open Primaries' which will take place on the 18th of July at Llansantffraid and Carno. Don't think this system of selection will have happened in Wales before. I hope all the Lib Dems in the constituency don't turn up and take over the meeting. Don't think many of them will support me - no matter how many cappuccinos I buy them. Anyway, I will know by 18th, at the latest, if I am to make an early return to active politics. I am feeling a bit tense already.

Back to the musical chairs. I'm told that Plaid Cymru are going to go with Labour tomorrow night. I just can't believe Ieuan Wyn Jones. He must be the only politician in the Western world who doesn't want to be First Minister. Wouldn't be so bad if I wouldn't give my right arm for the what is the best job in Wales. One month in the job would be better than 10 years as Leader of the Opposition. The man has no sense of history. When Ieuan comes to writing his autobiography, I suggest the title 'I just wasn't big enough when it mattered'.


Bwganbrain said...

It is just so sad that IWJ can wobble so much, but time has taken its toll since I wrote this about his post election transformation http://cymru2020.blogspot.com/2007/05/ieuan-wynne-jones-new-man.html
But he's obviously been got at and if that is the case then we are probably better off without him, he'd probably have a referendum on what to do with Shambo if he was in charge.

Garenig said...

I look forward to reading your autobiography. I wish you well with the candidacy.
I must however disagree with you in the strongest terms regarding the third paragraph. I am always astonished at how those who do not know Wyn portray him. He was a good courtroom lawyer and had not his ambition to serve his nation been so great would have made a superb circuit judge. His ambition to serve his nation and his party is greater than his immediate want to be First Minister. What he never will be is a stand up comedian. Neither is he a bar-room brawler.
In any event the decision as to which coalition to enter belongs to the party, and not its President nor its leader in the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Plaid decide to prop up Labour then your party will become the official opposition and, come 2011, the Assembly's second party.

Anonymous said...

Glyn, rumours are rife tonight. Nothing is decided yet. That has to wait a week or so again.

Ian said...


Putting your nation and party before your own personal ambitions is not a failing in my book.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

Hopefully we'll soon find out if Ieuan Wyn Jones is going to take the post of First Minister by leading the Labour party up the garden path until tomorrow, only to slam the front door in their face and form an alliance with the others at the earliest opportunity? Or will he cook-up a Red-Green tomato coalition with Labour and possibly demonstrate that they are made up of those that 'Can't Govern' (on their own) and those that 'Won't Govern' (lacking the nerve).

Anonymous said...

With the debacle of the past two months I think the most important bit of news here is the date for your possible selection and the possibility of an autobiography.

Anonymous said...

If Plaid join Labour then it will be the end of them as a political party. We as supporters put our faith and dreams in politicians that promised they would make a difference in Wales.

Adam Price' article is his response to Brown saying he is going to have a snap election. Price is afraid of losing his job. That area is traditionally socialist and a Rainbow would be something Adam would have trouble explaining. These guys should not be in Plaid. They belong in the Respect party or SWP. This is infil'traitor'.

I still hope they have not let us down as the Plaid party in the grass roots in Wales want a Rainbow.

Glyn Davies said...

bwganbrain - you are unkind to IWJ

garedig - even more unkind. The 'good courtroom lawyer' comment was really below the belt. I would never have said anything so cruel.

Sanddef - agreed

ian - there are other ways if putting it - and a lot of Plaid supporters are going to be saying it.

In general, I hope the rainbow supporters in Pliad Cymru will lok at the Conservative Party as a possible alternative.

alanindyfed said...

Plaid Cymru will now join Labour in a coalition.
Plaid Cymru has now indisputedly come of age. It has gained stature as a serious and concerned political party, and as the only Party of Wales, the party which puts Welsh interests first.
It has taken on the role as the conscience of the people, and is well on the road to success. It is donning the mantle of power and testing the waters of bi-partisan government.
I would urge all rainbow warriors as well as supporters of other parties to back Plaid in its new venture in creating the conditions for nationhood.

Glyn Davies said...

alunindyfed - have you thought about applying for a job as PR officer for Plaid Cymru.

Anonymous said...

May be time for a new Party -the Sofedupofrainbowcolours Party
There are a lot of us around - more probably than actually in the existing political parties

Seneddwr said...

It's a done deal, fellas - for the reasons I've outlined on my latest post. What a bloody carve up!

Anonymous said...

It's a done deal, fellas

Ummm I am woman !
Can I still play

Glyn Davies said...

seneddwr - I've commented on your post. Its 95% a done deal - and I think the other 5% now is for the Lib/Lab deal. And if that happened, my view is that they would deserve each other.

valleys mam - you're welcome to play on my blog