Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tea for Two in Cardiff

"Good afternoon, Ma'am".

"Good afternoon, Rhodri".

"Its a nice day, Ma'am".

"Indeed it is, Rhodri".

"The sun is shining, Ma'am".

"Yes, Rhodri".

"Its a very nice afternoon, Ma'am".

"Yes, Rhodri".

"This first official meeting between us is a very important meeting for Wales, Ma'am".

"It is indeed, Rhodri"

"It is vital for the future of Wales and for the new Government of Wales Act to function effectively, that we meet to discuss important matters of state and that I keep you informed about what my Government is planning to do over the next four years, Ma'am ".

"What are you planning to do, Rhodri".

"We are going to build new aeroplanes, with strong wings so that we can deal with all the turbulence, Ma'am".

"How many jobs, Rhodri?"

"Just one, Ma'am. Mine."

"Are these aeroplanes for security or for the growing export market? What sort of wings will they have, Rhodri?"

"No, they are to keep my Government air-bourne. They are going to have a left wing, a right wing, a nat wing, a progressive wing, a consensus wing, and a listening wing - and all these wings are going to be fitted with anti-rainbow radar protection systems, Ma'am".

"I've never heard of an anti-rainbow protection system before Rhodri".

"Its a 'made in Wales' innovative solution. There is a dangerous rainbow on the loose which can strike at any time. One of the power crazed rainmakers has warned that it could strike in six weeks. We need these planes with special wings to be in the air as soon as possible, Ma'am".

"Is there anything else, Rhodri?"

"No. Nothing else matters Ma'am".

"Thank you for this historic meeting. I feel that Wales is much safer now that your Government is taking defence of the nation so seriously, Rhodri".

"Thank you Ma'am. We must meet again next year. We will be able to discuss all the matters that really matter to the people of Wales again then".

"Good afternoon, Rhodri".

"Good afternoon, Ma'am".


Anonymous said...

you must have been evesdropping. i understand that yoy have the conversation word for word

Patriot said...


It is time to settle down and let the government we have govern. My non political mates are now sick of the threats from the 'rainbow' - it is beginning to wear on ordinary folks nerves. Real people outside the Assembly have jobs to do and lives to live. They have had chaos for three months and as far as they are concerned it is over, sorted and the attacks need to stop. Can you talk some sense to your mates and ask them to get on with being an effective opposition working in the concensus way the new democracy requires.

Glyn Davies said...

patriot - I agree with you - in part. The reality is that the Lib Dems blew it.
I think that the Rainbow should probably take over at some stage - but it must be over a real issue of substance. If Labour is kicked out on some concocted issue, it will damage the opposition parties and Wales.

Penddu said...

i think that the Rainbow tactic must now be to stand with a loaded gun behind Rhodri and threaten to use it at every occassion.

Rhodri will either have to deliver or suffer the consequences. But I do not think that an artificially contrived confidence vote should be used.

Anonymous said...

My non political mates are now sick of the threats from the 'rainbow'

They can't be that non political then, as normal people couldn't care less what happens in Cardiff Bay. The rainbow is coming. That's not a threat, it's a promise.

Glyn Davies said...

ordovicious - I agree that the current arrangemnt will not last. And I hope it's the Rainbow Coalition that takes over. But penddu is right in that it must be a major issue that triggers the 'No Confidence' vote - or public sympathy may shift to Labour. Rhodri Morgan will be going as far as he can to reach agreement with Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems, while trying to freeze the Tories out of discussions. We await 'events'.

Activist said...


By the way how are you and Lembit going to slug it out in the general election with your two parties cuddled up, kissing and cooing in the 'rainbow'? You will have to compete on entertainment and comic potential. We of the left say let the contest begin...........

Anonymous said...

why not challenge lembit to a blogfight

Glyn Davies said...

Montgomeryshire Conservatives have not yet chosen their candidate to slug it out with Lembit. I wouldn't advise the chosen one to challenge him for 'entertainment' value. Blogfight could be a bit more promising.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Rhodri appointed a Counsel General?