Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Power to the Individual - Left or Right??

Been trawling the coffee shops of Cardiff today, sniffing out gossip - after doing am/pm for the BBC. Was on with Chris Gwyther, who was interestingly naughty. Gone was the unswerving Labour loyalist, and in its place a cheerful willingness to say what she thinks. Nearly fell off the sofa when she said the one law she would change if she had the power would be the disgraceful piece of Labour gerrymandering that bans dual candidacy in Assembly elections. I suppose her thinking might have changed because it could have cost her a place on the Assembly. But where were you when we needed you Chris.

Anyway, I came upon a 'Godfather' of the Labour movement taking coffee in Brazz. Joined him and conversation drifted into political philosophy - as it does. I was explaining that a fundamental strand of my conservativism is an antipathy to the all-embracing state, and the notion that society is improved by the state maximising its power and influence. Whereupon this Labour 'guru' claimed that his 'Labourism' was based on the same thing!!

I have a feeling that if we had finished off a bottle of Sancerre, we would have started up our own Anarchist Party!


Daran said...

Chris and you both did really well yesterday - engaging and provocative.

Let's try and persuade her to join the blogosphere!

Glyn Davies said...

Next time I see her.