Monday, June 25, 2007

Rabbits on Speed.

Regular visitors will already know about the damage inflicted upon our garden by rabbits and deer. The usual presentation of these two species of horticultural vandal as 'cute and cuddly' infuriates me - almost as much as all this talk of a Plaid Cymru/ Labour Coalition must infuriate Huw Lewis of Labour and Gareth Jones of Plaid.

Anyway, I now know what it is that brings the local wildlife to look upon our garden as some sort of food festival. Its the echinaceas. According to today's Telegraph, echinaceas are a cure for the common cold as well as being a more general cure-all. Our garden is full of various sorts of Echinacea 'purpurea' and Echinacea 'White Swan' as well as several of the new types such as Echinacea 'Arts Pride'. I've been left with no alternative but to take action.

I have come up with a novel way to put the deer off - by simply leaving a radio blaring out all through the night amongst the borders. Ideally, the programme would feature Gordon Ramsey talking about the various ways venison can be cooked. There was a letter in the Telegraph from Julie Juniper of Lyme Regis today asking for advice about what to do about deer. I hope she reads my blog. The only real alternative is to shoot them - which is the remedy I've initiated to deal with the rabbits.

Rabbits are a real problem - especially since Smokey, our cat died last year. They treat our garden like an olympic village, which yesterday's Sunday Telegraph reported is normally such a rabid sex fest that lorry loads of condoms have to be shipped in to prevent the host nation being overwhelmed by STDs. I've asked a friend to visit at his leisure and shoot as many of them as he can - rabbits that is. I've put a price on the heads of my echinaceas. The bunnies will not have to pay this price if they go somewhere else to eat and breeed - even if it does mean they have to put up with runny noses. Life is all about choices. I wonder whether Plaid Cymru AMs like echinaceas - or are they all going to catch a cold.


Anonymous said...

I wondered how you were coping with the bunnies. Contrary to their cute folk image they are a real pest in a domestic garden. They breed fast and if you don't do something about it you'll have a real life watership down there and few plant left.

Anonymous said...

will gareth jones defect to the tories if plaid go in with labour?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I'm sure Gareth would be welcome. It would make up for the defection of Quentin Davies to Labour today - a bad blow to us, in my opinion

alanindyfed said...

Plaid Cymru will now join Labour in a coalition.
Plaid Cymru has now indisputedly come of age. It has gained stature as a serious and concerned political party, and as the only Party of Wales, the party which puts Welsh interests first.
It has taken on the role as the conscience of the people, and is well on the road to success. It is donning the mantle of power and testing the waters of bi-partisan government.
I would urge all rainbow warriors as well as supporters of other parties to back Plaid in its new venture in creating the conditions for nationhood.