Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Welsh Open Goal

For decades, the Greens had been an up-and-down team. No solidity in defence. All over the place in midfield. Playing so much down the left as to be boringly predictable. No surprise that they attracted poor crowds. But did have a really promising season in '99 - but flattered to deceive and have been total cr*p ever since. And then they put a nice little run of results together at the end of last season and finished up just one game away from the Cardiff Bay title. Surprised even themselves.

Final was on a knife edge. Could have gone either way. But out of the blue, the little Ynys Mon skipper Ieuan found himself in front of an open goal. Just a tap-in for the title. Not unreasonably he wanted to savour this historic moment for his team - but then his little brow furrowed with uncertainty. "Which side of the goal shall I put the ball. Oh Dear! Should I put the ball to the right or the left. I just can't make up my mind. I know what I'll do. I'll ask the team". Problem was that some said 'the right' , while the back four said 'the left'. "Oh Dear. What's to be done now. Where's Wiggers when I need him. But I know what I'll do. I'll go and ask all of our supporters what they think I should do. This will make them think that I am the consumate team man. Nobody can blame me if I go for the wrong side. Better than taking the risk of being blamed for taking the wrong choice. In reality, I never was much of a one for decisions - used to leave that to Wiggers. I may even refuse to score at all if they don't want me to."

And the people who were watching from the stands rose up as one and roared out "What the hell is the matter with you. Can't you make up your bl***y mind. You don't damn well deserve the title. It would serve you right if someone else nipped in and pinched the ball from under your nose".

And that is the story of how the Greens lost the only chance they ever had to win the title. The Greens never recovered from the shock, and eventually disbanded as their disillusioned supporters drifted away to support other teams. Or is this just me away on another fantasy.


Anonymous said...

You're right Glyn.
This opportunity is a one off.
It can work, it will be the best for Wales. Now all we want is to see those deciding - with Courage.
A Plaid supporter.

Teilo said...

But the consequences of his winning by kicking the ball into the right hand side of the net will be dire for him and his team in the long term. Yes, he would win this particular game. But, a huge number of the spectators from all over the field, including many of his supporters, would be left with a very nasty taste in their mouths. They didn't think that he had won fairly. The rules of the game were not clear. They knew that in order to kick the ball into the right hand side of the net he would really be off-side. They could see that from where they were standing, but the referee couldn't.

Anonymous said...

teilo, these are not dyed in the wool football supporters. If you read newspapers from all parts of the country the people are fed up of this fiasco, this inability of elected members to make a desicion because "party" matters. The inability to do the job they are paid for because "party matters". The inability to agree on a way of governing Wales - again because "party matters".

And these activists do not see the damage they are doing. They have bleated long and hard for years defending their party, even conning some communities that Old Labour still exists! These activists need to take a back seat now and rethink their role in the political field. People change allegiances and are much more sophistiated than even ten years ago.

Whatever is agreed will not suit everyone. But most are agreed we need a major change in Wales and imo we need to dump Labour for a few years to break away from the old failed habits that have got into the Bay.

It was not working, it was not good enough. We need something fresh and new.

Anonymous said...

teilo, supporters are going to leave whichever side of the goal he puts the ball in. The longer he leaves it, the more will leave. Glyn had it right last year when he said that IWJ was wobbly.

Bwganbrain said...

Surely a PC lead government will make the UK papers, but it's chance is less if the decision is made whilst dominated by Blair/Brown transfer of power.
So maybe he's waiting for the photographers to line up as well.

Anonymous said...

bwganbrain, I really hope the Welsh electors do not vote for AMs in the same way they vote for the X-Factor! It's not about who the media will like best, who will get headlines. In fact the worst can easily get the headlines.

We vote for politicians, we hope they are much concerned about the welfare of their constituents and Wales than getting an article in a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

But the consequences of his winning by kicking the ball into the right hand side of the net will be dire for him and his team in the long term

Bollocks. A red-green deal will achieve nothing other than the end of Plaid. The coalition would end in 2009 and be replaced by a Lib-Lab pact. Plaid have the chance to lead now. They won't get that chance in 2011.

Teilo said...

We'll know tomorrow what the people who really count, i.e. the electorate, feel about which of the parties should be in coalition in the results of the opinion poll.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I thought it was a one-off but Ieuan's procrastination may have already have left it too late.

Sorry teilo - but I just don't agree with you - and an opinion poll wouldn't change my opinion.

bwganbrain - every extra day's delay is doing real damage to the public image of the Assembly. If there was an acceptable reason for delay, people would accept it. Plaid just not being able to make up their minds is doing real damage.

sanddef - I'm with you on this. Did you see Lembit Opik (who is supposed to be the Lib Dem leader in Wales) on today's Politics Show. Ieuan's failure to make up his mind could already have let the chance slip away.

Anonymous said...

anon - both labour and the lib dems have denied informal talks are taking place. opik doesnt know whats going on. hes just pretending to be in touch with things so he can be seen doing something serious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"anon - both labour and the lib dems have denied informal talks are taking place. opik doesnt know whats going on. hes just pretending to be in touch with things so he can be seen doing something serious. "

His body language betrayed him. He was all over the place.

Anonymous said...

its time for ego german to nip in and pinch the ball

Christopher Glamorgan said...

Come on referee, blow the bl***y whistle! But before you do, give them chance to call on some subs as some players are looking tired... what about those two strapping chaps, G Davies and Wigley.

Glyn Davies said...

Today's Western Mail has changed its tune and is suggesting that Plaid/Labour is the favourite. Big questions of strategy for us and the Lib Dems if this is true.

Probably a seperate post later today on this

Anonymous said...

ICM telephone Poll shows 41% back the Rainbow, 28% back Red/Gree, and 21% back Lib/Lab. 10% don't knows.

57% back a coalition adminstration.
27% against coalition (for Labour alone)

48% want RM to 34% IWJ to lead this administraton. 18% undecided.

All a bit confusing. On the streets people want a Rainbow but they prefer a devil they know to lead it! Maybe the question was not put clearly.

Anonymous said...

There will be fall out for both parties I am sure.
I wonder if there will be ministerial resignations. You could start a book on that Glyn.
I think it will split Plaid - North and South.
Labour would be mad to align with the Lib Dems they are in freefall, may be time to bring Bonnie prince Charlie (hic) back

Glyn Davies said...

Valley's man - If the Plaid/Labour Coalition comes off, I reckon that Huw Lewis will resign - which should leave room for 3 Plaid Ministers, Ieuan, Rhodri Glyn and Jocelyn as Business Manager (maybe Alun Ffred). At least, that's how I see it. God, it will be a disappointment for me though. I'd really banked on the Rainbow.