Saturday, June 16, 2007

Donating Blood

I've been lucky. In general, every solicitor and barrister I've ever known has been a good and decent person. But I have heard them being described as blood-sucking parasites. So you can imagine how pleased I am that our son Tim, who is employed by Eversheds, one of Wales' leading legal firms has donated his first pint of blood. I'm proud of the boy. He is so squeamish that his legs can be reduced to jelly if you just say the word 'veins' within earshot - but he still rolled up his sleeves and did it.

I started donating blood in the 1970s, after my father needed a major transfusion to come home from hospital when his condition became irrecoverable. I'd received various badges and was closing in on my half century, when I went down with colorectal cancer. I was quite upset when I went to donate blood after I had recovered only to be rejected - for ever. Anyway, Tim who is a very useful bat has opened his innings with a nervous single. Onwards to the half century that I didn't quite make. This blog encourages its readers to 'donate blood - you may save a life'.


Tortoiseshell said...


Diolch am y pwt yma. Rwyf wedi bod yn ystyried rhoi gwaed yn ddiweddar.

Daliwch ati gyda'r blog!

Glyn Davies said...

Annwyl C - gobeithio byddet ti mynd i rhoi gwaed. Peidia ysteried gormod. Gweithredu. Coffi tro nesa dw i'n lawr yn y dinas mawr G