Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Public Duty.

Walked into a council office today. And there he was. Just sitting there, looking at his monitor as if nothing has changed. Just sitting there contentedly enjoying a fag. He looked so happy and contented. I looked him in the eye and saw no guilt whatsoever. I don't think he knew the law had changed. Millions spent on advertising to no avail.

Question is 'what should I have done'? Should I have snatched the disgusting, polluting weed from his lips? Should I have reported him to the 'authorities'? Should I have lambasted him with supposed facts about what harm he was doing to himself and everyone else who would have to set foot in his revolting office? What was my public duty? I'm afraid that I just smiled inwardly and retired. All I wanted was to know the way to another office. Modern life is so complicated for a libertarian.


Anonymous said...

yes it must be difficult being a law abiding libertarian tory. you should have shopped him

Anonymous said...

You could have mentioned it casually in a non-commital kind of way. After he'd given you the directions, of course.

Left Field said...

What amazes me was that someone was smoking in an office, ban or not.

I've not known anyone smoke in offices since the mid 80s.

I guess as a libertarian, if you assess that he's only poisoning himself then fair enough.

Glyn Davies AM said...

I was out campaigning - and I don't suppose telling him that he shouldn't have been smoking would have helped my cause.
Without naming and shaming, I have seen one Assembly Member leaning out of the window having a 'drag' - but not since the ban came in on July 2nd.