Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let them eat celery.

Just watched a BBC debate chaired by Huw Edwards where one question was about closure of small schools. The question referred to North Wales - but is even more relevant in other parts of Wales as well. The problem is that in many small villages in rural Wales there are not enough children being produced.

Which is why 'Second Opinion' by Dr James LeFanu in today's Sunday Telegraph is so timely. The bulk of the article is about Viagra and Intrinsa, rather quaintly termed as 'lifestyle drugs', which put a bit of spark back into the batteries of men and women suffering from fading desire. Well, for those who don't like the thought of artificial stimulus, it seems that we gardeners have the answer. Celery. The sticks contain a variation of the hormone known as andosterone. I remember how shocked I was when leaving a meeting at Welshpool High School on a friday afternoon a couple of years ago, to meet a lady carrying a huge box of free contraceptives in for all the kids to use over the weekend. Well perhaps we should be sending the same lady to distribute packets of celery seeds to their parents instead !

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Anonymous said...

how much celery do you grow in your famous garden glyn?