Saturday, April 21, 2007

At least one vote against

Had an email yesterday from a Mr Meirion Bowen, which was copied to a few others. Mr Bowen was informing everyone that I am a supporter of the LNG pipeline. Well, he is correct about this. It seems to me that the UK has absolutely no choice but accept this energy supply - and that the best way to bring it in is through Milford Haven. Now I'm with maximum safety conditions and maximum openness with people in the vicinity of terminal and pipeline - but I am not going to lie to win public support. In fact, I do not believe that any politician who opposes the pipeline is being entirely honest. The alternative is that the lights across the UK will go out.

If Mr Bowen wants to criticise anyone, it should be the politicians who have sat on their hands over recent years as they used up North Sea oil supplies, watched our Nuclear power supplies approach the end of their lives without putting in place alternative energy supplies. I don't like the idea of shipping massive tankers of LNG from Qatar to Wales myself - or of building new nuclear power stations - but the procrastination of politicians have made both of these things inevitable. Its all a bit like blaming the Home Secretary for not sending criminals to prison, when previous Home Secretaries didn't build any prisons to put them in !

Anyway, Mr Bowen has accused me of Corporate Manslaughter of 'dispensable subjects of the realm' in the case of accident. He adds that he hopes that I won't 'get back in' at the Assembly election. I wonder who he'll be voting for - and whether his vote will be going to someone opposed to the LNG pipeline - and where that someone thinks our energy supplies are going to be coming from. Perhaps he just objects to anyone who gives an honest answer - which has become a fairly common feature of modern politics.

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