Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stranger than fiction.

Cute little story caught my eye on the Beeb website today - which emanated from Dolgellau Mgistrates Court. It seems that Richard Keen of Barmouth was browsing through eBay and spotted a flat bed trailor for sale at £1500. He recognised it as his own trailor, which had recently been stolen - so he found out who the thief was, by buying it.

Which reminds me of a similar story involving my late father-in-law, Austen Roberts who was the principal of Harry Ray and Co, Estate Agents and Valuers of Welshpool. Around 20 years ago the firm used to run second hand sales in the Town Hall at Welshpool. Austen was selling one day when he noticed that the next item was his own bicycle. So he bought it, handed the gavel to his assistant to continue the sale,and then told everyone that he was going for a ride on his own bike down to the police station - and off he went. I believe the felon was given a good 'ticking off' and that there were not reams of forms to fill in relating to the crime. Many Welshpool people will remember Austen Roberts and his bicycle.

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