Sunday, April 29, 2007

Do Plaid want a vote on Assembly abolition?

This is my first live blog. Just watching the Politics Show where Dave called for a vote to abolish the Assembly. Rhodri Glyn Thomas said that he was happy with that - as long as there was an option of a Scottish type Parliament in Wales. I didn't know this was Plaid's policy. It was Conservative policy when Michael Howard was our Westminster leader - but we have dropped the referendum option since David Cameron became leader.

Now David Melding is demonstating a greater commitment to devolution than Rhodri Glyn who refuses point blank to talk about Plaid's traditional commitment to 'Independence'. Peter Black has agreed with Melders - as I do. Pleased to see that Jane Davidson is turning her fire on Plaid Cymru today. She must believe the ITV / NOP poll of last week.

Peter Black has mentioned the 2000/2003 Partnership Government several times now. It looks as if he is setting out the ground for a repeat. Must say that Rhodri Glyn looked seriously policy light. Now Nick Griffin has just come on. Time for lunch.


Anonymous said...

rubbish. arsembly's take on it was much better than yours.

he also got a mention on the guido fawkes blog today

Anonymous said...

A vote to abolish the Assembly is a vote against the democratic sovereignty of Wales. Should we also then vote on reintroducing slavery? I think not. Even considering to offer it as an option is absurd.

Glyn Davies AM said...

To even be compared with Arsembly is an honour - and it was Rhodri Glynne who agreed with Dave about the abolition vote. You better have a word with him sanddef. I usually compare it with wanting India back.