Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saved by Matt again.

Only part of today's Telegraph I've time to read is Matt's cartoon. Two hedgehogs on the pavement looking at the squashed body of their colleague who had ventured out to cross the road first - and one of them observing "Run over by a bin lorry - what are the chances of that happening?"

Needed a laugh. Tonight's big political debate was dull as ditch water. I wish Huw Edwards had asked the party leaders to read out this gag, linking it to climate change policy - instead of their two minute intros. By the time Mike had finished explaining the mechanics of the joke (which is the way he tells them) we would all have been in the mood to enjoy the the programme a lot more. I don't know why it is but some programmes just don't work. They all have another go on Wales Decides tomorrow night.


Amanwy said...

I thought the Senedd builing looked superb - great setting for a programme. Just as well you didn't get your way, they could hardly have done it from the old building (or from the children's hospital)!

Anonymous said...

You are too hard on Mike, Glyn. He came across very well. He certainly looked the most relaxed and confident of the four party leaders.

In fairness, Nick Bourne was reasonable too. As for IWJ and Rhodri, if you could smell hatred then the Senedd would have been filed with the most ungodly stench. Both looked uneasy.

Glyn Davies AM said...

I agree that the Senedd is a fantastic building amanwy. I love working in it - which is why I am trying to get myself re-elected.

And, pontywindy, I wasn'seeking to criticise the 4 leaders. I just don't think the format with the initial short speeches worked. I, too thought Mike and Nick were good. And I think you are being a bit harsh on Ieuan, who my wife thought was very good. You are right in that a Labour / Plaid will be a poisonous combination - unless Rhodri is dumped.