Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lib Dems Need Help

Just in after a day's canvassing in Machynlleth with Dan Munford. Lib Dems are in free fall if our experiences are anything to go by. Apparently it was the same in Llanidloes last week. No wonder the Lib Dems are getting desperate.

Iain Dale has posted a copy of an email which has just been sent out by the Lib Dems, begging supporters to go into their Cowley St. Call Centre in London to telephone people in Wales. It reads thus

Help Wales and Scotland to Win.
It is only five weeks before the elections to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. The importance of these elections cannot be overstated. In Scotland we are being squeezed on all fronts and the SNP's polls are looking impressive. In Wales we are facing intense opposition from Plaid Cymru and Labour. On Tuesday night we are telephone canvassing from Wales and Scotland from Cowley Street at 7.00 pm onwards. It is really easy to do and requires no knowledge of either situation. Just dial and ask how people are going to vote.
If you can help, please ring...... We really do need the help so if you could spare an hour then it would be appreciated.

So if you have a phone call on a Tuesday night asking which way you are going to vote, you will know that it is probably from some Lib Dem in a call centre in London who has no knowledge of the Wales situation.


Anonymous said...

the libs don't seem too worried about the tories

Glyn Davies AM said...

ITV's poll on Thursday night will give us some idea how things are going. I expect that all our opposition will be a bit worried after that. Hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Despite Peter Black's "anonymous tip-off" that they could come second in the assembly (an idea that instantly brings winged pigs to mind), I suspect that the very best the Lib-Dems can hope for in this election is to return to the Senedd with 6 seats. I wouldn't be too surprised to see them down to 5 though. But as you say, let's see what the polls tell us on Thursday.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Mike German is talking about winning 12 seats - and he looked as if he meant it. I did ask him last week what result would be so poor for the Lib Dems that he would consider it a resigning matter. He was talking to Kirsty Williams at the time!! Be interesting to know what Peter Black thinks of this. Perhaps we should ask him.