Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Out on the stump

First time at my keyboard since Monday - when we took dinner at the Harbour Master Restaurant in Aberaeron (Brilliant) and on to stay overnight at Wolfscastle, near Haverfordwest. Next morning out with our feisty Angela Burns to the Bush High School (?) in Pembroke - where the sixth formers were a lot more interested in politics than they were when I visited last year. And then out with also feisty Henrietta Henshall (?) at the National Botanic. And then out with our young star, Craig Williams in Cardiff West. Good candidates. Enjoyable.

Craig and I went around the houses in the little village of Creigiau, north of Cardiff. I was surprised at first knocked door when lady said Rhodri Morgan had been around knocking on doors a few days before. Craig has got him on the run - and I reckon he will take at least a third out of his majority - maybe more. I am in the mood for predictions tonight. Two houses told me that all politicians were a load of useless untrustworthy b******s, not worth a vote between them. Beginning to feel bit disillusioned when next two houses said "Hello Glyn, how are you now". The vanity in me came gushing out. Such recognition - in a little village North of Cardiff. Good job I only had an hour with Craig or I could have become all 'puffed up' like Mike German.

And then, into the lion's den. The idea was that I would face an inquisition from a panel of brutes for 15 minutes for Byd ar Bedwar next week. Now, my Welsh has come on, but its not up to a panel of brutes chucking rocks at me. And then I was dumped in a real spot. I was supposed to be selling the Welsh Conservatives to these brutes when one of them asked a question about how much money we would give her in a certain situation (don't want to spoil the programme by saying too much). I wanted to say "Why should we give you anything" - but my Welsh didn't allow me a polite way of saying it. So I sort of 'waffled' in a political sort of way. I felt ashamed of that, and the pressure almost brought me out in a sweat. Had to up to La Monde for a bottle of Sancerre and a fillet steak to rebuild my strength and morale. For those few of you who want to see me 'on the rack' big time - watch Byd ar Bedwar next week. Worst of it is that I bet Helen Mary, Carwyn and Eleanor handled the challenge better than I did. And I will never hear another word against Eleanor Burnham after the way she helped me out last night. Actually, I enjoyed the experience in a masochistic way - as some men might enjoy whips and binbags

Today back up to Machynlleth for Richard Evans on Radio Wales between 12 and 1 - and then on to tonight's 'Hustings' in Newtown. Which takes me on to the next post


Anonymous said...

Actually, I enjoyed the experience in a masiochistic way - as some men might enjoy whips and binbags

Oh yes? Do tell more!

Glyn Davies AM said...

I can't tell you more about the programme - or Haccio will not be pleased. The other stuff is hearsay that I have never understood. Its what you see on TV these days - and it confuses those of us who have a Methodist background.