Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tesco Tesco Everywhere

Dodgy post this. But I've always had a soft spot for Tesco. I know that this could be a risky comment in the run up to an election, but it happens to be true. Perhaps its because I knew, liked and was deeply impressed by David Malpas, who was managing director of Tesco in 1980/90s. Or perhaps its because Dr Gwyn Jones of WDA/BBC fame and a super loyal friend was a Director of Tesco at about the same time. Or perhaps its because I admire Terry Leahy as Britain's top businessman. More likely, its because my wife doesn't like Morrisons and is desperate for a Tesco to open somewhere near where we live - and Morrisons in Welshpool doesn't sell Welsh butter.

Anyway, for two nights in a row I've been at meetings where Tesco seemed to be the main target of public ire. Last night I was on a 'hustings' panel near Aberaeron run by Ceredigion YFC. Unusually for me, it was a totally Welsh Language evening - so even if I make a pillock of myself, the sheer pleasure of being able to cope in Welsh gives me an inner glow. I was sitting next to Plaid's Elin Jones on the panel and she looked after me - we seem to have been working together for months on different things! Anyway, there was deep scepticism about Tesco's recent commitment to establish long term contracts with dairy farmers at an improved price of 22p per ltr - despite it being a really good sign of things to come. Even good news is criticised. And then tonight, 60 people turned up at Newtown in Montgomeryshire to hear Tesco outline its plans to build a 40,000 sqr ft store in the town. I suspect (no proof) that 80% of local people want a Tesco store - but the entire meeting seemed hostile. Actually, I have my own reservations about a new Tesco in Newtown - even if I am wholly supportive of a new Tesco in Welshpool.

Perhaps the reason I'm posting with such honesty (saying anything remotely nice about Tesco is bound to be electorally negative) is that my fellow blogger, Blamerbell has offended me by not asking me to be on his 'politician's panel' committed to giving frank and honest answers to reader's questions. I've always prided myself on answering questions straight. Now, I'm going to watch Dragon's Eye.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

The so called Welsh Butter sold in my local Tesco contains some very small print on the lable that says Made in the Costswolds (England) according to a traditional Welsh recipe

Life observer said...

I think that Tesco are so good at what they do they should start a political party and run the country. Not only would we get our groceries but we would get loyalty points as well as a dividend. Better than paying taxes for MRSA, violence on our streets and uneducated children who will be blighted by this current administrations experiments with the education system. Oh I almost forgot a war that we don't want and is killing our troops every week. It is sad that every week that Tony Blaire stand up for question time he starts with condolences for another few troops who have died since he last stood up. How does he sleep?

Blamerbell said...

"my fellow blogger, Blamerbell has offended me by not asking me to be on his 'politician's panel' committed to giving frank and honest answers to reader's questions."

I thought it was about time to give someone else a shot. It'll be interesting to see if Jonathan Morgan embraces the concept in the same way you have. P'raps you could give him a few pointers...

Glyn Davies AM said...

alwyn ap huw - 'Made in the Costswolds' I quite like that - and thanks for reminding us they're in England.

Terry Leahy for Prime Minister - I'd go with that - although Archie Norman couldn't quite get to grips with politics, another wonderful grocer is my observation on life.

And Blamerbell, I see that one of the questions on your thread (if this is this the right technical term?) is a question asked directly of me for some reason. And how my party is coping with the Change that is Cameron is an interesting subject for a seperate post - maybe tonight.

Anonymous said...

"and Morrisons in Welshpool doesn't sell Welsh butter."

Perhaps you should try shopping at a locally owned, Welsh small retailer. Langfords Food Hall for example? Instead of spending your money at a large corporate retailer who is, essentially, sucking money out of the local economy.