Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Robin's nest.

Just had an emailed press release from the FUW about a robin which is sitting on three eggs under the bonnet of Neil Smith's quad bike . It seems that Tim Hughes of Smithfield Tractors of Builth Wells has stepped in and loaned Mr Smith a replacement until the eggs are hatched and the robinlets flown. I hope this press release brings new business to Smithfield Tractors.

I remember a friend of mine (known locally as Digger John - or Ginger John, until he lost his hair) finding a blackbird's nest under the bonnet of his digger when he was working on my farm. He couldn't afford to stop working so he carried on 9 -5 every day - which didn't seem to bother the blackbird at all. All four blackbird chicks fledged successfully. Our wildlife is a lot more adaptable that is widely thought.

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