Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Byron Davies - Action Man

No point putting a wimp in the ring with Edwina Hart. So we are fortunate to have local 'action man', Byron Davies squaring up to the formidable one on our behalf in the Gower in May's Assembly election. He is not a man to be trifled with. I am most impressed.

Byron rang me yesterday afternoon. First time I'd talked to him at any length. He wanted me in Oxwich on the Gower at 10.30 this morning to address a crowd of farmers. I had only just read that Welsh farm incomes were down by 30% last year - and I knew that Tesco would be announcing eye wateringly high mega-profits today. It was not going to be an easy ride - but somebody had to face the entirely justified wrath. And Byron had decided that I was his man. His agreed speaker had let him down at the last minute - and he was not going to let the farmers down.

"I can't. I have promised Dan Munford that I will lead a campaign team in Guilsfield at 2.00", I said. End of story. Five minutes later, mobile rings. "Do you live anywhere near an airfield". As it happens, I live 5 minutes from Welshpool Airport. "I'll be there in my Cessna at 9.15 and you'll be back in Welshpool by 2.00". Nothing I could do but pack for a Gower 'short break'.

Wales is a beautiful country from the air. And I felt as safe as houses with Byron Davies at the controls. And the Gower in spring is a special place. He would make a terrific Assembly Member.


Anonymous said...

didu measure your environmental footprint yesterday

Anonymous said...

didu measure your environmental footprint yesterday

Can anyone tell me what a food mile is? Sounds like a Cold War Soviet shopping queue to me.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Anon, I did discuss this with Byron yesterday. He tells me that to fly his 4 seater from Swansea to Welshpool and back used about 40 litres of fuel, which is no more than many road vehicles - if he goes as easy as poss on the peddle (which he does). I have also asked the owner of Welshpool Airport who is a friend of mine to do some research on comparative costs. Yesterday made me interested in the environmental impact of lighht planes. But you make a fair point. Just that yesterday, I was a bit stuck.

And sanddef, my great nain (who was monolingual Welsh) walked 3 miles to shop in Dolanog most days until she died aged 96. She knew what food miles were.

Anonymous said...

Glyn I will light candles for your man's campaign.
To get rid of the Dweeb would be so good for Wales
I would miss her posh shoes though