Monday, April 30, 2007

A day with Ms Maria de la Paz Rodriguez Niell

Been out canvassing today, shadowed by a jounalist from Argentina, who was studying how we conduct our elections in Wales. Maria de la Paz Rodriguez Niell (Paz for short) is one of a group visiting from all parts of the world, under the auspices of the British Council. She seemed to enjoy the experience. I shall be handing her over to Rhodri Glyn Thomas tomorrow - a case of out 'of the frying pan into the fire'. Hope she'll be ok.

What did she learn ? Well, after an hour in the livestock market at Welshpool, she learned that Welsh farmers are seriously unhappy about both Labour and lamb prices. I was pleased that everyone seemed to realise by now that I am a candidate in this election. And then door knocking for a few hours. It seems this doesn't happen in Argentina. Only one man told me to f*** off. Depressing thing for me was the surprisingly high number of voters who said they were going to vote BNP. And there was a quite a bit of antipathy to the number of Poles in the area. I probably lost a vote or two by speaking about my high regard for the Polish people. I think Paz was quite impressed that I was willing to sacrifice votes for principle. I said it was just human decency. All in all it was a really positive day on the stump. And now to watch Wales Decides. And then straight to bed to recover!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Glyn. By the way, Ive posted an interview with Dylan and Guto about Welsh Tories HERE.