Saturday, April 14, 2007

Powys put the 'frighteners' on

Went into Newtown this morning for a session on the running track and called at Morrison's to pick up the Western Mail. Minding my own business in the queue, when I was accosted by an elderly gentleman who serves as a member of Powys County Council. He was seriously 'narked' by comments I had made in this blog, criticising the Council for wasting public money employing a private sleuth to investigate its own councillors about a 'leak'. (See recent post on this). I offered to discuss it over a coffee - but No, he just wanted to have a public row in a Morrison's queue. Standards of Councillor behaviour have fallen since I was on the Council.

In passing, the Council's response to my criticism, justifying its decision to use public money to employ a private investigator, said it was "to discourage further behavior of this nature". What's going on. Next there will be instruments of torture hanging up in the council chamber over a notice 'WE HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU TALK'.

If anyone wants to stand as a Conservative in next year's local election and shares our view that our Council should be more open and transparent and represent the people rather than try to behave like a secret service, get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Glyn. The guy who started to argue with you should realise that Powys is a standing joke in Welsh local government. When you look at the councillors you wonder if there is anybody in Mid Wales who is under 85. Most of them resemble a vampire before the normal nightly infusion of virgin's blood!

Glyn Davies AM said...

He was over 85 - and I didn't argue. I just offered to buy him a coffee and discuss why I thought his council was out of order. But he couldn't handle a reasoned discussion. Its all a great shame.