Friday, April 13, 2007

Iain Dale's Opinions - OK

Good article in today's Telegraph by fellow blogger, Iain Dale. Subject is 'Devolution - unfinished business'. This subject is the only reason I've met Iain. He was running David Davis's leadership campaign, and I wanted to speak to the great man about devolution before committing myself to his cause. I wanted to know how his ideas for 'English' governance would impact on Wales. Iain was the 'gatekeeper'.

Its a difficult issue for the Tory Party. But there is no doubt in my mind that a Scottish model Parliament in Cardiff Bay is the only logical conclusion. I know that there are many (who support other parties as well ) who would like to scrap the whole 'Assembly shooting match' - but this reminds me of a matt cartoon depicting a elderly gent in the Carlton Club insisting that all our troubles started when we let India go. Still, I have much more respect for this opinion than I do for those who support the constitutional irrelevance which is the status quo.

In time, the Tory Party in Wales will be seen as the force for 'national consciousness' and 'cultural distinction' that underpins centre/right parties the world over. It is a tragedy that we have allowed the 'left to take ownership of this policy area. Mind you, I think Ukip will help the cause by discrediting the anti-devolution cause. People will not want to be associated with it.

Personally, I quite like Redwood's idea of Westminster morphing into an English Parliament on Thursdays. I'm looking forwards to seeing what Ken Clarke's policy group is going to come up with later in the year.. In the meantime, Tories are moving in the right direction. Its just that I feel impatient. I like winning.


Anonymous said...

it takes one with an inventive mind to think ukips policy of scrapping the assembly will increase support for devolution but you could be right thinking outside the box again

James said...

Glyn, it's pleasing to see an actually interesting politician's blog. I doubt we'd agree on a huge amount - I'm a Green activist in Scotland - but it sounds like a pint shared would be time well spent.

Glyn Davies AM said...

james, I'm also a 'green' enthusiast - so perhaps we should share a pint. I hope to visit Scotland soon after the election - if I'm re-elected. I'll keep you 'posted'.