Saturday, April 07, 2007

Parallel Worlds.

There is a National Assembly election going on. I have to remind myself. Rhodri Morgan's vile tactic of banning dual candidacy has left me feeling really flat about the whole thing. Its just not the same - not fighting a constituency seat. The problem was that because all the kids were coming home today, I decided to take the day off. I reckoned that our local candidate, Dan Munford was in Newtown with a good gang in support and I wouldn't be missed - and when I'm with Dan I have to keep on explaining that I'm not retiring from politics. Very frustrating.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, its been a gloriously sunny day. I've been tidying up the kniphofias and echinaceas (all the new varieties have survived the winter well). Three buzzards have been soaring overhead all day long, sorting out breeding territory. The sheer pleasure of watching their gymnastics, and listening to their crying is matched only by a curlew in full song. And today, there were two of them doing just that over the pasture below the house. Two pied wagtails are housebuilding in the ivy opposite the kitchen window and Mrs Canada Goose is settled on her eggs on the pond island. Today, nature has been smothering me in joyous things.

And yet, I feel flat. There is an election going on. I am envious of all those candidates who are out on the stump, asking voters to "Please vote for me" or something similar. It is just not the same going out and asking voters to "Please vote for my party list". It will be OK after tomorrow. Its Easter Sunday and no-one will be out canvassing - or at least shouldn't be. Undistracted, I will enjoy the natural world. But I won't take another day off until May 3rd.


Normal Mouth said...

Aw, didums.

You know what to do next time, then. Stand in a constituency. You could have done that this time...except you (wisely) concluded you'd have a better chance on the list.

Stop carrying on like your human rights have been infringed and get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

But if we had STV you would be out there asking people to vote for you.What you are finding is that no one takes any notice of the list candidates. If Labour loses a number of first past the post searts you will find that the list candidates who will then find themselves as AMs will addd nothing to the Assembly. Most Labour party members don't even know who they are.

bethan said...
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bethan said...

it is different, but it doesn't have to be viewed in a negative way as such. Labour's ban on dual candidacy is a farce but that's the game now, and it's all to play for.

Glyn Davies AM said...

I admit normal mouth that I am seriously miffed about this. I just don't like cheats. I also admit that blogging late at night after a glass or two can be a bit 'diddums' deserving. I think it was the sheer magic of the day that got to me. Tonight could be the same.

And by the way, I couldn't make head nor tail of the Italian system.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if Labour has shafted itself and both Alun Pugh and Tamsin Dunwoody are doomed to finding a new job