Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dragon's Eye. - Well, most of it.

Arrived home a bit late for Dragon's Eye after a day's canvassing for Paul Davies in Presceli Pembs. Drove down through Ceredigion and was distracted as I tried to judge who wins the best contested election posters battle in Wales. I reckon Elin Jones (Plaid) beats John Davies (Lib Dems) by about 50 posters to 48 between Ponterwyd and Cardigan. In Presceli Pembs, Paul wins the poster battle by a mile. He will make a very good AM.

Back to Dragon's Eye. I switched on to hear Rhodri say that Gwynfor Evans would be "rotating at great speed in his grave" if he'd heard what IWJ had said. I'd missed what IWJ pearl of wisdom had instigated this Rhodri gem. Could have been something about renewable energy production!

And then on to the Ieuan interview. Proclaimed hugely distinctive policies from Plaid - which boiled down to a few 'freebies'. But then came the body blow. At the 5th time of asking he told Rhun that he intended to have Tory Ministers in his 'rainbow' cabinet. Ah well, I blew my chances of a ministerial car (eer) when I called him 'wobbly' Wyn Jones. I suppose its another case of what could have been. I was a bit surprised by how firm he was about not 'propping up' a Labour Government. That could come back to haunt him. I think I'll go to bed and read about Waterfront on Arsembly tomorrow.


Left Field said...

I switched on to hear Rhodri say that Gwynfor Evans would be "rotating at great speed in his grave"

Apparently, at the fact that Plaid candidates were standing as "single issue" candidates with the party name being "Plaid - Save xxx hospital."

You can watch the whole yawn-fest here

The early part was rather entertaining. A little bit of mischief where bits of other parties' manifestos were read out to the leaders of each party and they were asked if they agreed with it or not. You know the sort of thing "We are against the slaughtering of the first born" "Do you agree with that Mike German ?", "Yes", "ahha well that's a Tory policy!"

Glyn Davies AM said...

Plaid's tactic could backfire on them - making them look an opportunistic and single issue party.

I will have to watch the first part tonight - anything which is described as 'rather entertaining' sounds irresistable.

Anonymous said...

You didn't miss much on Waterfront. William Graham did his best for you. Mick Bates came across as someone on speed. Helen Mary was her usual self. She always gives the impression that she was probably a member of some minor German royal family in a previous life.Carwyn once again proved that he is arrogant and not the person to lead Welsh Labour in the future.

Left Field said...

Please don't take the phrase "very entertaining" too literally.

All things are relative ;)