Sunday, April 15, 2007

Out of the Limelight.

Busily putting up election posters yesterday morning, imploring people to vote for the excellent Dan Munford in my beloved Montgomeryshire. Mobile rings. S4/C on the line. "We need to place a cover over your name at Treflan to make sure that there is no chance of anyone seeing it on TV". What's going on? Even S4/C have turned against me. Shouldn't have launched my campaign to bring back 'Garddio' or taken the p** out of them about the most expensive slash in history when they changed their logo from S4C to S4/C. I don't like it. Name recognition is important at election time.

At least, my name sneaked into Matt Withers piece on Nick Bourne in today's Wales on Sunday - even if Matt was trying to stir things between me and Nick by implying that we don't see 'eye to eye' on the 'Rainbow Coalition' stuff I've been banging on about. I think Matt is wrong on this. The young man, Bourne is playing a 'blinder'.

But back to the S4/C call. Apparently S4/C were filming yesterday's game between The New Saints and Caernarfon at Treflan, where I have an advertising hoarding at the side of the pitch, promoting my services as an AM. The first chance to get some TV coverage - and they chuck a b****y blanket over it ! I'd heard that Ann Jones AM had thrown a wobbly when her advert received the same treatment at Rhyl - so I just said OK and pretended I didn't care at all. No choice really. I'd have lost a bucketful of votes if the cameras couldn't cover the game because of my sign.

Without me watching over them, TNS lost 3-1 to Caernarfon in a bigger shock than if Alun Pugh were to win Clwyd West on May 3rd. Not been a great week for TNS, virtually certain to win the League of Wales title despite yesterday's shock defeat. There's been some talk that they will not be allowed to play in the Champion's League next year. I hope they get that blanket off pretty damn quick. They need me.


Anonymous said...

At least, my name sneaked into Matt Withers piece on Nick Bourne in today's Wales on Sunday

To be honest I read that part several times and was still unable to work out what exactly was being implied

Glyn Davies AM said...

Nor me. Glad I wasn't he only one.

Gwylan said...

Busily putting up election posters yesterday morning, . . . . not many from what I could see.

Yesterday I drove through Montgomeryshire from west to east and back again. Apart from a Communist poster on a bus shelter in Newtown and a cluster of wishy-washy looking Conservative posters near a farm entrance beyond Welshpool, I saw no signs of an election in Montgomeryshire. At a glance, I would say that a fellow called Morris Marshall Pool is likely to be your next AM. Don’t your supporters know that there’s an election on. You need to get them fired up Glyn. You can’t complain about a low turnout from the rest of us if your own supporters don’t show more enthusiasm – of course, the same can be said for the other parties. The big surprise was that there was not one day-glo orange diamond to be seen anywhere – what’s going on?

Glyn Davies AM said...

Sorry gwylan - but our posters were only delivered late last week. Expect a rash of them this week.

Morris Marshall would have won every election throughout my lfetime, if posters won it.