Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vinnie Jones the political enforcer

Last Friday, on Radio Cymru's Dau o'r Bae, Vaughan Roderick asked me who would be in my 'Fantasy Cabinet. "Anyone except a serious poitician" he said - so, without hesitation, I replied "Lembit Opik, and his job would be to give public support to all my political opponents". His record of destroying careers by lending his support is unparalleled in modern political history.
I should have gone for ex-footballer Vinnie Jones, who I learn from today's papers wants to be a Conservative MP. I'm not sure what this would do for David Cameron's compassion agenda but he could be just the man to take on Gordon Brown. Prime Minister Brown's right hand man and probable Chancellor of the Exchequer would be the very talented Ed Balls. Bearing in mind the squeeze that Vinnie was so famously caught on camara putting on Paul Gascoine's, just think how eye-wateringly effective he would be in dealing with Gordon Brown's.

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