Monday, October 02, 2006

Building a house - Cameron style.

There has been a lot talk around the Tory Party Conference about how to build a house and how important it is that it should have sound foundations. The house in question is No 10 Policy Avenue. The avenue will be lined with lovely oak trees and there will be equal proportions on girls and boys singing lovely songs about how optimistic they are about the future. As it happens I am something of a 'brickie' myself, having once built an entire cattle shed with my own hands.
The architect, Mr Letwin and the building contractor, Mr Cameron have very wisely decided that the house should be built on somewhere known as the 'Centre Ground'. Quite a few other architects, not as important as Mr Letwin, think there are too many houses there already. The house is going to have a windmill on the roof, an extra large bike shed and there are 300 architectural assistants working on distictive features that will make it more people friendly than all the neighbouring houses. The house is being designed to appeal to people who have never aspired to live in Policy Avenue before and it is hoped will hold as many people as a 'big tent'.
Mr Cameron the builder says that since he does not have to put the house on the market for several years, there is no hurry to decide what the walls are going to be made of. The only problem is that some relatives who live in Wales and Scotland want to move into the house next May and will have to say what the walls are made of when they apply for a mortgage.
The only way forward as far as I can see is to build two little annexes in advance of the main structure which are big enough for the relatives from Wales and Scotland. I hope my bricking skills come in useful over the next few months.

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So, who wants to play the parts of the Three little piggies and who wants to be the Big Bad Wolf????