Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blog Report - Oct 15

Good week for the Blog - which will be rechristened tomorrow as 'Cardiff Bay Reflections'. I had preferred 'View from Room C308' myself but I was outvoted by Phill in my office who outvotes me on practically everything. And from next week, I am going to publish 4 blogs, on politics in the Bay, gardening, sport and Y Blog Cymreig.
The Blog I published titled 'Carwyn outshines his Boss' had widespread coverage in the press, made it into Danial Davies' Tiger Tales and didn't do much for Carwyn's relationship with Rhodri. Lee Waters dipped into 'Policies would be nice, Mr Cameron' but I must admit he was trying to create dissention twixt me and Nick Bourne which wasn't being helpful Lee. Also made it into which is as big in the blogging world as Hello Magazine is in the celebrity world. And today, Matt Withers picked his 'Quote of the Week' from one of my Rainbow Coalition blogs. Can it get any better? I just need a few people to start leaving comments to make my world complete.
If Joe Calzaghe had read my blog on Sat morning he would have been warned about Bika's headbutt.


Martin Eaglestone said...

Oh damn Glyn it means I'll have to change my favourites and re route the links.

By the way what can you blog about the off screen comm ents between yourself and Alun Ffred Jones during the S4C programme ? You were very open about the Rainbow but Ffred seemed reluctant !!

Blogging happily at

Glyn Davies AM said...

I agree about Alun FFred. I think my willingness to be open and say what I think about the Rainbow Coalition in public has put Plaid into a tailspin. They just cannot cope with Tories being welsh and reasonable