Friday, October 13, 2006

Cardiff Bay Quadrennial Handicap - Update

Breaking News - Lib-Lab Pact up to joint favourite
Latest odds
Plaid/Labour 7/4
Lib-Lab Pact 7/4
Rainbow Coalition 4/1
Labour alone 12/1

Last night's Waterfront sparked off heavy betting on Lib-Lab Pact after jockey, Mike G refused to confirm PR in Local Government to be a dealbreaker. Under heavy pressure from ITV's answer to John Mccririck, he said everything is a dealbreaker - which is the same thing as saying nothing is. It is obvious that Mike G is willing to sacrifice any principle for a little place in the back of the winner's enclosure. Only reason for some money holding back is that the bookies are unsure whether all Mike G's stable hands are as utterly shameless as he is.
Rainbow Coalition slipped back in the betting today, following doubts about part-owner Mike G's genuine committment to the ride following exposure of his interest in other runners. The Jockey Club and the press corps really should be looking into the multiple interests of this particular rider to ensure that the punters are not being taken for a ride.
Iuean WJ is reported to having trouble in his stable where there are some new stable hands who are a bit wet behind the years and still think Plaid Cymru alone can win. Bookies tell me you can get better odds on Shergar and Red Rum.
Nick B is reported to be very relaxed about the big race and plans to let the punters see something of the Tory manifesto in the next few days. He is confident of a good result and his mount is so people friendly and sleek since being bought by a Notting Hill Consortium that the rest of the field are jumping about in a panic. Labour Alone is attracting no money because jockey, Rhodri M looks too knackered to stay the distance until the big race next May

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