Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trish Law shows her mettle.

Draft budget day in the Assembly - overshadowed by another skirmish between Dafydd El and John Marek. John wanted to speak in the debate - so was not willing to stand in for Dafydd when he had to leave the chamber to answer the call of nature. Who steps in but yours truly. Another 15 minutes of glory in the PO's chair. In dreamworld again - imagining myself to be Owain Glyndwr, King of Wales. Lorraine Barrett asked why John was being paid 67 grand if he wasn't willing to take the chair in Dafydd's absence. The Meirionydd Machiavelli said that he would "have more to say when he had reflected on the matter". Oh Dear! More trouble in store.
Sue Essex spoke well, as always, but it made no difference. The Draft Budget was going down - no matter what. Dai Lloyd and Peter Black made thoughtful speeches. Lyn Neagle said opposition attempts to improve the budget were a "Grubby Grab-a-Granny stunt". And then Lorraine said we were a Rag, Tag and Bobtail outfit from Cloud Cookoo Land". Obvious that Labour are trying out a new speech writer. What next? Jeff Cuthbert cracking a gag!!
It turned out to be a pro v anti farming debate. Labour have decided that there are a lot more votes in bashing farmers than backing them. Even Carwyn joined in. What will his 'buddies' in the farming unions think of that I ask myself.
The real invective of Labour was aimed at John Marek and Trish Law. Amongst the exchange of artillery I learned that there are only 29 farmers in Blaenau Gwent. But Trish was up to them. A bit of the late Peter's spirit has rubbed off on her. Since Brian Walters, the 'beenaboutabit' ex Evening Post man joined her team, she has shown a bit of Ebbw Vale steel. She is going to do Labour again in May.
Brynle was fighting the corner for the Tir Mynydd farmers,which includes my own farming business. If I lose all my farm support I can always take Carl Sergeant's advice and touch John Marek for a proportion of his DPO allowance - although he probably needs every penny to underpin his half million loan to Wrexham. A good spunky debate though.

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