Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rainbow Coalition. Its in the open now.

Martin Shipman gave me big coverage in yesterday's Western Mail about my essay on the need to oust Labour from Office next May. Actually it was a draft essay that I had let Martin see. I intended to tidy it up for publication - and it was a bit of a shock to see it in print. I am going to publish it (in its draft form) on my website under the Speeches link. I was pleased with the editing and even more pleased that it took the editorial 'Comment' as well. The Comment writer suggested that my interest in a 'Rainbow Coalition' is no more than about getting a slice of the governing action for the Tories in the Assembly. Spot on - at least in part.
Too many politicians prefer the 'comfort zone' of opposition where there are no hard choices to make, and everybody loves you, and you can say what you want. Just the warm feeling of Party supporters telling you how wonderful you are. Politics is about the exercise of power. Sometimes I hear so much utter tosh from opposition AMs - supporting things that sound nice in principle but which they would not dream of doing if they were in Government.
I have not heard one word of critisism of my essay from a Conservative - although I do expect to be scragged by my regular correspondents from Newport, Pembrokeshire, Monmouth and Wrexham. However, I have also heard that the Lib Dems and Plaid, whose mad ideas I am now trying to be more understanding about are not happy bunnies at all. I am told their group meetings have become 'cauldrens of recrimination'. They just do not know what to do with a reasonable, cuddly, modern Tory Party.Some of them prefer the 'comfort zone'. I can see that the next few months are going to take me back to my teens when I was trying to wheedle my way into the affections and favours of the opposite sex who did not reciprocate my enthusiasms.

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