Friday, October 20, 2006

Who stayed up for Waterfront on Friday

ITV must be looking for an excuse to close down its Welsh political unit - testing the loyalty of Waterfront 'groupies' by putting it out at midnight. I am a committed fan of the programme but how many of us will put up with this timing. It was acceptable last night though because it was delayed by a programme about the Aberfan tragedy.
I always enjoy watching master tactition, Sue Essex in action and greatly enjoyed shadowing her in the past. She was in good disarming form again last night and she has the ability to make Labour arrogance look like sweet reasonableness. Pity she is retiring. She would have made a super Leader of the Opposition after next May. I am looking forward to seeing how she copes in the Budget debate next Tuesday though.
And it was nice to see David Jones at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons for Welsh Questions last week. He looked the part and would make a first rate Shadow Minister.

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