Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogging arm of the law carries on blogging.

Environment, Planning and Countryside Committee met in Colwyn Bay today. I am keen that the Committee is seen as representing every part of Wales. Who should pop in to observe proceedings but Chief Constable of North Wales, Richard Brunstrum. Perhaps he was expecting trouble from some of the farmers who had come to watch the debate on Tir Mynydd, the grant scheme which is being cut by 40% by the Minister. Anyway, the farmers were as good as gold and he didn't have anyone to arrest. Perhaps he was looking for 'blogging' material to annoy his Police Authority members. Well done to his bosses for telling him to 'carry on blogging' - especially because he can't eat a flapjack without causing controversy. If only all bosses took the same enlightened approach. Media bosses, please note.

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ValleyBoy said...

The chief constable of North Wales Police Richard Brunstrom has announced that he will retire from the force in July.

His retirement concludes more than eight years as leader of the force and 30 years with the policing service.