Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friends at war

Just watched the first Dragon's Eye of the new series. Thought the Hain/Scarlets story was making a montain out of a molehill - but the public war between Dafydd Elis Thomas and John Marek really gripped me and stunned me with its sheer viciousness. It is a really serious matter for the National Assembly. I have made light of this issue for the last few months but no more. Tonight's interviews were not funny at all. The Assembly has a serious problem and two of my best political friends are in the thick of it. I have known Dafydd and admired him for 25 years. He is the politician I most admire in the Assembly. John has become a respected colleague as well over the last 7 years whose advice I value. I am not at all sure that this can go on. It must end now or men in white coats will be needed. Tonight Dragon's Eye has left me feeling shaken and saddened

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