Friday, October 27, 2006

WLGA Conference.

I was speaking at the WLGA Conference at Llandudno today. I missed the debate in the morning about 'Deepening Devolution' which featured Peter Hain, Dafydd El, Nick Bourne and Lembit Opik. It seems that someone asked Nick if he thought Plaid Cymru would serve in a Tory led coalition after the Assembly Election next May. I'm told there was much laughter - but I don't know if Peter Hain joined in and I don't know what Nick said. I would have said "Of course they will." Plaid politicians like Rhodri Glyn and Janet Ryder are busily going around telling all and sundry that they won't - but I just don't believe it. Do they really expect us to believe that they would prop up Rhodri Morgan's crew in power - rather than work with the changed, modern, devolutionary Welsh Conservatives. People I talk to are really starting to believe that a Tory led 'Rainbow Coalition' in on the cards. I am committed to it. Surely, we can't let Labour rule for ever.
Dafydd El apparantly explained the formal position. It seems that the leader of the biggest party, probably Rhodri Morgan tries to form a government first. If he fails, the leader of the second party, probably Nick Bourne has a go. Then the leader of the third party, probably Ieuan and so on until you come to, "God forbid John Marek". That brought the house down.

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