Sunday, October 15, 2006

Minister of zzzzs strikes again

I was shocked to the core of my being last week by the profanity of an AM who I would describe as a real lady (female that is). She had been to hear Andrew Davies, the Minister of zzzzs giving a speech to Passenger Focus, the GB rail watchdog. She had written down everything of value that he said on a reminder card which she kindly let me read. Two words only. F*** A**. What is it about Andrew that inflames female AMs in this way. Eleanor Burnam went off like a Chinese firework when asking Andrew a question last week - and now this. He is like an old Second World War bomb found in the corner of a children's playground - just standing there doing nothing much while inciting great passions all around himself. He is a sort of John Howard of Welsh politics and a man to watch.

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