Friday, October 13, 2006

What is it?

The National Assembly took delivery this week of this very strange package. Is it a new modern ‘throne’ for the Presiding Officer? Or is it a little something that Jo Kiernan has bought for Rhodri Morgan as a ‘clean sheet’ whiter than white Assembly election battle bus – to perk up the tired out and battle weary old campaigner? Perhaps it is a sleigh for Alun Pugh, the Culture Minister to deliver all his new ‘Scrabble’ Xmas cards around Wales – all to promote the Welsh Language of course. Nothing to do with trying to save his Clwyd West seat. Better check the legals Alun. I was walking home through the Senedd late last Wed. and saw it with the cover off. It could be any of those things.

I tried to take a photo of it and immediately, out of the shadows, rushed a Dalek threatening me that I would be whisked away in a time machine or a TARDIS if I photographed it. I beat a hasty retreat and contented myself with a photo of what might be a fountain of youth with its wrapping on. You will have to wait for the new series to see it.

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