Saturday, October 21, 2006

Women on top at the Beeb

Pleased to see Janet Lewis-Jones taking over at the BBC. Even though Janet is (at least was) encumbered with Labour leanings, she is a first rate choice - knows her stuff and won't be pushed around. But it is going to be interesting having two strong women at the top in Broadcasting House. Expect to see some fireworks in the Llandaff area!
Rumour around the Bay is that bosses at ITV would like to scrap their political unit. I dare say they would but they have signed up until 2009 - and they should be made to stick to the deal. I hope to hear soon who is taking over from Roger Lewis, recently departed to take over at the WRU. Perhaps the well thought of Elis Owen will be required to step forward into the breach. I am told this would a good move. ITV's political output is good and I particularly like Waterfront, even if they put it on in the middle of the night. We desperately need competition for the BBC. The political output is too much like a series of spin doctors press releases as it is. We depend more and more on Martin Shipton and the bloggers for a bit of sharp edge.

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