Saturday, October 14, 2006

The vows of a Lib Dem laeder

Mike German has been telling his Party's autumn conference in Aberystwyth today that there will "No Deals. No Discussions. No distractions." Does he really expect us to believe this. At the moment he is discussing a deal with opposition leaders about what they want in the Assembly budget - which looks like discussions to find a deal to me!! He would be better off talking to the 20,000 starlings that are gathering under the pier in Aber as I type - which is such an unusual sight that it must be a distraction for all those Lib Dem conference goers.
The reports of what he was going to say concentrated on action on the environment, devolving power to local communities and giving more power to teachers. He must have been reading one of Nick Bourne's speeches. And I personally fully support any decision the Lib Dems take today on getting to grips with the Japanese knotweed problem. I would be quite happy to include all this in my next speech to my party supporters! All this makes Mike look as if he is up for a deal with the man with the best offer - wish I have no trouble at all believing.

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