Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Assembly today - Eleanor, Carl, Rhodri and Bill

Not much happening today. I had expected round 9 of the Dafydd El v John Marek battle in the debate on the APS budget but it didn't happen. I had been looking forward to the fireworks but I suppose it is all for the best. It is bound to come though. I have this image of female mud wrestling in my mind.
Eleanor Burnham was on fire today. She launched into Arriva trains like a tigress on heat. Made Andrew Davies, the Minister of zzzzz look just like the Minister of zzzzz. And I am not being nice to Eleanor because I am smoooooooothing the path to a 'Rainbow Coalition'. I am really sorry that I said, rather ungallantly, that she intervened on me stupidly last week.
In the middle of her rant Eleanor said that Arriva trains are so slow that she has often thought about getting out to push. And up jumps Carl Sargeant to say that she would have to push bloody hard if both he and Brynle Williams were on board. Now I don't want to be sizist but I do not think Carl and Brynle should be allowed on the same train unless it is going downhill - and then only after a recent check on the braking system.
Rhodri Morgan continues to amaze. He was asked a very sensible question about the increase in the number of prisoners in the UK and he says they have multiplied like the pidgeons in Trafalgar Square. Was this a reference to prisoners flying free?. No-one had a clue what he was talking about. And then William Graham started talking about 'wild weekends' in Newport. I think Bill has been reading history books about Gladstone going out on the street late at night to show 'ladies of the night' the path to redemption. I am not sure he has ever recovered from his spell as our Social Justice spokesman and his 'spititual coupling' with Lemmie.
At 5.00 I met a group of Canadian students who had watched the session and were fascinated by the fuss over the cost of Alun Pugh's Xmas cards - which had fired Ieuan WJ into a proper little paddy. It seems that Alun had decided on a depiction of himself with a Welsh Language scabble board. This cost mega-money in legal fees. Rhodri reckoned this card would advance the prospects of the Welsh Language - and the rest of us thought it was intended to advance the interests of Alun. Sorry Alun but our young Darren Millar will be sending out Assembly cards under the banner of Clwyd West AM next Xmas. I finished up the day standing in for the Presiding Officer at an event to celebrate the 150th anniversery of the South Wales Institute of Engineers. I do enjoy standing in for the PO. It is the nearest I ever get to understanding what it is like to be a 'Royal'.

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