Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life without my mobile.

Last Sunday my wife 'mulched' my mobile. Today, Thursday I am still mobile-less. O2 have been the absolute 'pits' in sorting this out. Delivery of my replacement had been faithfully promised by 5 today - and it is now 5.30. I am seriously naggy.
So what happened. I was tidying up the alsteomerias near the edge of the 'hot' border on Sunday afternoon when my mobile slipped quietly out of my shirt pocket when I was distracted, only to settle unobtrusively in the lawn's inch long grass - which my wife was cutting at the time.. Along she came, astride our 3 ft mulcher and totally obliterated it. I have accepted that she didn't notice it - even though, only an hour earlier and in retrospect, rather suspiciously, she had commented on what a menace it was. I only realised what had happened when she asked what the 10 sqr ft of Xmas glitter was on her freshly 'mulched' lawn. Sim card gone as well. If anyone has a mobile to dispose of, get in touch. To make it worse she went off to Spain to play golf for a week a few hours later. This week I have felt desolate and unloved. I want my mobile back.

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Sally Davies said...

Oh dear, poor Dad!! How are you coping?!