Friday, October 13, 2006

Another good Waterfront

More discussion about the 'Rainbow Coalition' tonight - with me pushing the boat out a bit. Since the Conservatives joined in the discussions (or mere gossip if some are to be believed), the other parties are backing off bigtime. They just do not know how to handle an ultra-reasonable Conservative Party committed to Wales and to the Assembly. They are hiding behind the blindingly obvious. Of course all of us must wait until the votes are counted - and we all want to win 30+ seats. All I have been saying is that the Conservatives should be a part of any thinking that is going on about what happens after May and that a real prospect of a non Labour Government should be before the voters.
I thought that betting on the Rainbow Coalition slipped back a bit tonight though. Mike German did his best to avoid saying that PR in Local Government will be a deal breaker. He clearly still has his eye on a deal with Labour. I was pleased that Lee forced him into making the committment.

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