Thursday, October 26, 2006

Final whistle in Aberystwyth - or maybe not

The Premiership 'bug' of outsiders coming in and buying up football clubs has spread to mid Wales. I am sorry to hear that the 'final whistle' has been blown on Iain Skewis' running of the Welsh International Soccer Tournament at Aberystwyth after 22 years - though I am told it was more of a 'knife in the back'than a straightforward buy-out. Iain thought of it, started it and he has been its inspiration. It has been a highlight of the last week in July and has brought a lot of money and tourism into the Town as well as putting mid Wales on the map. Key to the tournament is use of the University's facilities - and these have been sold to another party.
I remember the Ian Rush Soccor Tournament, as it was then called, being launched - and I also remember presenting a cup to a little 12 year old named Michael Owen when he captained the winning team. The photo of Michael and myself is on the front of one of the tournament brochures from the 90s that I still have. I hope the new owners are as successful as Iain was.

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