Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cameron talks big on Climate Change

David Cameron is really pushing the boat out on climate change. He was building up expectations again today on the BBC's Politics Show. His credibility now depends on delivery of real results - and these are not going to be popular or easy.
But I will back him when the going gets rough as it is bound to do. The Conservative Party is now committed to a 'green tax switch'. We are now committed to annual carbon emmissions targets. This is radical stuff.
While David Cameron can afford not to speak in specifics for another year or so, we have to have real policy committments in the Conservative Manifesto for the Assembly election. And because there is a real chance that we could be leading a coalition arrangement in the Assembly after next May, out committments had better be deliverable. David Melding is writing our Manifesto and he will have to give substance to what Cameron is saying about carbon emmissions, if we are to benefit from the 'Cameron Effect' in Wales.
It is a real advance to see climate change at the heart of debate. But it is now time to move on from 'talking' to 'doing'.

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