Saturday, September 30, 2006

Policies would be nice, Mr Cameron

David Cameron has put the Conservatives back in business by coming over as a thoroughly decent sort of fellow while Labour have turned on each other like ferrets in the proverbial sack. So we have reached first base. The question for us in Wales is when will Dave set out for second base - the one marked policy. We cannot work to the same timetable as the Party in Westminster because we have our Welsh general election next May 3rd - in 7 months time. I am not expecting much in the line of solid policy but it is reasonable to expect some idea of the 'direction of travel'.
Taxation is emerging as 'the' key issue, both in terms of the total tax take and whether we go for any 'green tax switch' as the Lib Dems like to call it. I have always been the sort of whimpy Tory asked to join discussions with talented Monmouth MP David Davies to provide 'balance' - but even I want to see some indication that we intend to reduce tax from the dizzy heights to which Gordon Brown has raised them. Bizarrely, the only politicians who have been talking about tax cuts in the conference season so far are the Lib Dems and Dafydd Wigley. Politics is a funny old world.

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