Sunday, September 24, 2006

Conferences and Coalitions

Two down and two to go. Ming had a good conference despite the stupid photo-ops with young female MPs traipsing behind him like doe-eyed groupies. I think this chap, Vince Cable is behind the more sensible things Ming is saying. I could do business with him. And I like some of the 'green tax switch' agenda too - but it goes way too far to be acceptable. And Ieuan seems to have had a decent conference as well. Even Martin Shipton in the Western Mail reckoned he looked like a leader. I feel sure he's had some voice training to 'Wigleyfy' his voice. Plaid didn't have their usual disaster and even the Meirionydd Machiavelli graced the platform to give his blessing. Wigley was on The Politics Show today advertising for coalition partners. I was a touch disappointed to hear him say 'anyone but the Tories'. I'm always nice about him. I've always had a high regard for the two Dafydds and I could do business with both of them as well. And the third Dafydd (Iwan) is a fabulous singer!!
Rhodri Morgan was on TV today getting in his excuses for defeat next May. "It will be all their fault at Westminster" says he. He knows that he is eight months from retirement. I was sure that he would go for the Lib - Lab Coalition again next May but I am becoming less certain by the day. There are definitely Labour AMs who would rather go into opposition than concede PR in Local Government - and they drool at the prospect of being allowed to think for themselves in opposition. Leighton could even express an opinion.
It is obvious that Wigley is angling for a Plaid - Labour Coalition. Anything is possible. Even the devout anti - Coalition man that I am can no longer rule out the idea of Tory involvement. With no taxation or foreign affairs powers and only limited law making power, the Rainbow Coalition could rise up from the rubble of post election chaos next May. My body shakes as I write such words and I will now make coffee to calm myself down.

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